MonthSeptember 2014

Tips for Effective Stand-Up Meetings

The guys at Blossom have put together a few quick tips for better stand-up meetings.

I agree with most of the things said in the article, but I would say the most important tip is to be prepared for the stand-up before it happens. If you need to make tea or coffee to have a stand-up, you’re doing them wrong.

Be prepared for the catch up, and know what your tasks are before you start the meeting. Less time in meetings = more time doing the work.

Remote Working – Week 1

So the first week is over – and it’s been amazing.

As a Product Designer for Receiptful, I’ve been tasked with looking after the design and user experience of an upcoming service that helps users manage their receipts, whilst giving marketers the opportunity to include upsells and targeted marketing messages.

Working remotely is a very special privilege and it has allowed me to completely focus on the job at hand, which is vital for a startup business creating software-as-a-service (SaaS).

I thought I would share a few thoughts from the first week of remote working, and how it has affected my career.

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