Why good leaders make you feel safe

What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it’s someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an uneven economy — means taking on big responsibility.

Coping with Pressure

Have you got that job done yet?

Keep going. Almost there. Quicker. Hurry up.

We need this done yesterday.

It’s easy to understand how stress works and why pressure can be bad – but that’s not the point of this article or blog in fact. We want to see how pressure can actually be a useful tool, and learn to adapt to control it; not crumble underneath.

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5 things we can learn from “300”

300, directed by Zack Snyder in 2007, is a fantasy war film based on the 1998 comic series of the same name by Frank Miller. Based on the Battle of Thermopylae in the Persian Wars, the film tells the story of King Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, who leads 300 Spartans into battle against King Xerxes and his vast Persian army of over 300,000.

Whilst watching the movie, I couldn’t help but consider some of the trials and tribulations that Leonidas and his small army overcame – some of which can be applied as lessons in our modern office today.

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I don’t care how you do it, just get it done

This is a quote from the recent Robocop reboot (a film which DID NOT need a reboot…) in which a boss explains a situation to a worker, and it made me think about the distance between different levels within a company.

This distance covers a few things – and it depends on the line of work you’re in. In my role as a remote worker, it’s primarily a geographical distance, which of course brings it’s own set of challenges. For others, it can be different types of distance – technological knowledge, design theory, client management styles and social demographic to name a few.

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