Tips for Effective Stand-Up Meetings

The guys at Blossom have put together a few quick tips for better stand-up meetings.

I agree with most of the things said in the article, but I would say the most important tip is to be prepared for the stand-up before it happens. If you need to make tea or coffee to have a stand-up, you’re doing them wrong.

Be prepared for the catch up, and know what your tasks are before you start the meeting. Less time in meetings = more time doing the work.

Making meetings useful

“Sometimes I spend whole meetings wondering how they got the big meeting table through the door.”

Meetings are the scourge of the efficient work day.

You know the drill – “Can we grab a quick 5 minutes here to chat about this together?”

What that actually means is – “Can we take you from your busy work day and say things in another, generally larger room for a lot more time than we need to?”

Wikipedia defines a meeting as “two or more people coming together to discuss one or more topics, often in a formal setting”. Not only is this one the most generic descriptions in the history of describing a word, but it highlights how meetings are broken – a formal encounter where people in the room speak about specific topics on a general level, most of the time wondering when the event will be over.

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Coping with Pressure

Have you got that job done yet?

Keep going. Almost there. Quicker. Hurry up.

We need this done yesterday.

It’s easy to understand how stress works and why pressure can be bad – but that’s not the point of this article or blog in fact. We want to see how pressure can actually be a useful tool, and learn to adapt to control it; not crumble underneath.

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Which Day of the Week Is Least Productive?

Interesting article from the guys at Flow about how different factors impact on daily work throughout the week.

What’s particularly interesting about these findings is that the data suggests that Tuesday is the day when most tasks get completed, largely due to the fact that it is the day of the week when most meetings are held. People seem to use the time in between meetings to quickly get things done – not very productive in my book.

Slack is killing email

Slack is a great communication tool – really useful for remote teams. Here, The Verge discuss it in detail.